Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

let me haunt your memories

won’t you dream of me
let me haunt your memories
leave you unfulfilled

Strike Back
Strike Back – Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester

TV stuff!

Under the Dome – Hmmm, can I just say that I wish someone would just kill off Junior? He’s weird and creepy and how does no one see it?!… I’m curious about Barbie and hope that they show us more about why he’s in Chester’s Mill… What is up with the two kids and their seizures?…

Luther – Such a dark and gritty show! If you have a chance to watch it, WATCH IT. Idris Elba is damn amazing as John Luther. It’s a great fix for the psychological crime thriller types. ;)

True Blood – I don’t care who Ben is, I just hope we see him shirtless more often. No seriously, I like the darkness of his character and I like how Sookie isn’t the damn damsel in distress at this point. Jason’s dream about Ben was PRICELESS. But my most favorite part was when Ben slipped into what I’m thinking is the actor’s natural accent. Holy heck, HOT. I also liked when Ben and Sookie got hot and heavy and it ended with her threatening him. NICE!… Still NOT digging Alcide’s turnaround so far but he looks great shirtless, so I’ll forgive him. ;) This show is such a guilty pleasure.

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Tags: poetry, pw, strikeback, sully
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