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computers are down here at work!

so i'm here at work and the computers are down. something about a router. such freakin' bummer!

i had the weirdest dreams last night. i dreamt that i was in alaska. i could see icy rock islands coming back home (i know, it doesn't make sense) to become icebergs. the day was quickly turning dark and i had to go back to the hotel. my companion (an unidentified male) told me to close my eyes and we glided through the air. i could distinctly feel the wonderful rush of cool air. then it was time for me to leave for the airport. i had a rental car from hertz and while i was trying to drive, the headlights cut out. but the car was still running. i started the car again and everything was fine. when i got to the airport, my sister was there. and my dad too! they helped me with my stuff and the dream ended around there.

and now it's monday night. a dog i've known for almost all her life shall take her last breath within the hour.

journey well into doggie heaven, trixie...
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