Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

do I feel nothing

do I feel nothing
did I feel anything then
or am I just lost

Henry on the Graham Norton Show
Henry Cavill on the Graham Norton Show

I keep listening to the Man of Steel soundtrack. I want it to seep into my soul. And then I want to watch the movie again and actually hear the music in the scenes. My iPod at work has only played the soundtrack these past couple of days. There’s something soothing about JUST MUSIC.

But seriously, does Henry Cavill have to be so freakin’ beautiful? It’s delightfully distracting. I so understand now why women like him. And it’s not even just the whole physical thing. The interviews I’ve watched here and there have been quite entertaining. And I love his accent. LOVE IT.

Henry on the Graham Norton Show

I’m slowly watching the second season eps of Strike Back on my phone so that I can do screencaps:

Strike Back
Strike Back
Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester, Strike Back

It’s really quite fun doing screencaptures like this. SO DIFFERENT from when I first started doing them back in the day. How far technology has come! Enjoy it, I say, ENJOY IT.


This puppy visited us today. Isn’t she cute?!

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