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good boot

Dan Carter and the All Blacks 35-17 over the Springboks

A couple of articles, because I surely can't explain it coherently. LOL!

I stayed awake for most of it, but I fell asleep just before the first half ended and before the All Blacks' first try. Oh dear me! I woke up just as the second half was starting and I was a little confused with the score. Oh well. LOL! Daniel Carter had an outstanding game, minus the misplay in the first 17 seconds of the first half. Ye gods! But otherwise, yeah, nice one. ;)

I feel asleep because the puppy was sitting with me and she mesmerized me with her sleepy self. LOL! She's so cute.

from the other day

Before the rugby match, we headed out to Pleasanton to visit with my cousins. My sister is in town, so she was there too. It was great hanging out, except my cousin doesn't have a/c and it was triple digits outside and about 86° inside the house. YE GODS!

on Vasco towards 580

We had salad, pizza, and root beer floats! Yummmm! :D Oh, and beer. I had a beer.

Yikes, I must go watch the A's! More later. Maybe. LOL! :D
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