Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

inspiration lost

maybe this will stop
the adoration subsides
inspiration lost

FaceTime with Sydnee!
some FaceTime with the niece!

In case you didn’t see the above on Instagram or Facebook. Yes, the niece and I FaceTime’d today. :) She was EXUBERANT. LOL And no, not shy at all. ;) I love being able to see her on my phone, talk with her, and take these screencaps. I wonder if they will make good blackmail material in the future. LOL Probably not. Maybe she’ll actually want my collection of her pictures someday. Who knows!

Cinemax had a Strike Back marathon, so I had that on (it was season 1) and on my phone I was playing season 2 to do screencaps. Me = slightly addicted?

Strike Back
Strike Back
Strike Back

I think my regard for the Strike Back boys has evened out and I like them both nearly equally. :)

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Tags: poetry, pw, strikeback, sully
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