Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

hotter than springtime

the sun rises up
so warm against the blue skies
hotter than springtime


Guess what I saw…

My thoughts, take 4, of Star Trek Into Darkness… It looks great in 3D IMAX but I didn’t *need* to see it that way. Still, I was glad for the the experience because it was so immersive… The movie is still exciting and engaging and Benedict Cumberbatch is still amazing!… And geez, I still cried at the same part but especially at that one scene with Kirk and Spock. I think I will always cry at that same scene…


Only one of the trailers was in 3D and it was Man of Steel. And I must say HOLY CRAP it looks AWESOME in 3D!!! I am seriously considering seeing that movie in 3D IMAX. I wouldn’t mind seeing Henry Cavill in his Superman gear in 3D. HOT.


After the movie I indulged in some Taco Bell. :)

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Tags: movies, poetry
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