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21 May 2013 @ 09:47 pm
in this dream we laughed  

in this dream we laughed
remembering days of past
here again we’re friends

Strike Back
Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

I am a longtime Flickr user and I LOVE THE NEW SITE.

To the people complaining about the photos being in their faces, I say this: IT IS A PHOTO SITE. What else is supposed to be in your faces on a photo site? Oh yeah, PHOTOS. The only real complaint I think I might have at the moment is the speed of the site. It’s not exactly fast. But otherwise, I love the presentation and it wasn’t so difficult to figure out where everything I use went. So folks, take the challenge to see the beauty.

Strike Back

I stayed home from work again today. I think I feel better now…

Game of Thrones – Let’s see, LOVED the intro of Daario Naharis. Isn’t he just kinda scrumptious? I am looking forward to more of him for sure!… Oh Sansa and Tyrion! Great scenes between the two of them. How is he so kind with such a family? And I’ve come to appreciate Sansa. She annoyed the heck out of me in the beginning. LOL… Margaery and Cersei’s walk arm in arm was FANTASTIC. I simply love what they’ve done with Margaery’s character. She’s strong, knows how to play the game, and combines sweetness with cunning. And it’s awesome seeing Cersei bite back even as she knows her power is slipping… I cannot believe I have to wait two weeks until the next episode! But knowing what’s coming next, well, I’ll just leave it at that…

Top of the Lake – Gotta love Netflix for this one. We started watching this last night. I like it! I definitely like how it’s set in New Zealand. ;) It’s weird that an American is playing a Kiwi and a Kiwi is playing an American. What the heck? LOL

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BitchTudebitchtude on May 22nd, 2013 12:51 pm (UTC)
Your Top of the Lake comment reminds be of SB, LOL! Aussie playing an American and the American playing the Brit. Though I guess technically, Philip is just as much Brit as he is American, right? :-)
Valerie: cp temptingvaleriejoy on May 22nd, 2013 01:30 pm (UTC)
We could give Philip a pass since he's pretty much half/half. LOL

Elisabeth Moss is playing a Kiwi in Top of the Lake and Robyn Malcolm is playing an American for some reason. She's a very secondary character at this point, so not a bit deal, I guess. LOL