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you can still steal a breath

It's so early (not even 8am) as I write this and I think I want to write a poem. But the lack of inspiration that haunted me last night has followed me into this new day. Alas.

I'm buying some music at iTunes right now. Jazz. I'm listening to it now. I have no idea who Taylor Eigsti is, but I love jazz pianists, so why not try, eh?

MJazz is down, AGAIN. Utterly frustrating, especially when I want people to check out my doggies. Bah! Ah well, you get what you pay for, eh? :P

The dogs are quite playful right now. Meggie and Holli are licking each other while Saffy bites on a turkey leg toy. I just want to go back to bed! But I can't. If I sleep again, I'll have to take a nap on the couch with Holli. I can't have that crazy little dog running around! She'll do things.

You know, I could still do a poem. Hmmm.

I still think of you
in the oddest moments
the memories stop me
a word can take me
back to a smile
laughter fading
You can still steal a breath
and the sadness can choke me
with unfallen tears
then it's gone
like a heartbeat skipped
I will think of you
in the oddest moments
but I don't mind
the sway of the memories
stealing me away

Now it's after 8am and the puppy dachshund is sleeping on my lap. She's like a little oven. Always so warm!

The iTunes purchase keeps cutting out on me. Ugh! It's now on the last song and it won't download it! I have to keep trying. Annoying. Yikes, I've purchased 661 songs on iTunes! Mind you, there are free songs and albums included in that total. But still, that's a bunch of money, eh?

We're supposed to go to my cousin's house today. My sister is in town (woohoo!) and this will be our time to get together. She has her reunion tomorrow and then on Sunday we're doing the spa thing. Groovy. So cousin's house after work (for all of them), then the hubby and I might see a movie. We're thinking The DaVinci Code or Superman. Mmmmm, theatre popcorn! :D We'll see how long the hanging out goes, I guess.

After all the evening stuff, we'll probably watch rugby. The All Blacks against the Springboks. Go All Blacks!!! :D
Tags: babble, poetry
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