Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

did I ever stop

did I ever stop
loving you in my own way
you don’t need to ask

The official trailer for Almost Human

I don’t usually get hot and bothered for new shows that won’t premiere for MONTHS but the thought of seeing Karl Urban on my tv weekly just fills me with utter delight.



Seriously, I love seeing the success of “my” fellas. After spending all this time adoring them, it’s nice to see them doing work that is seen by millions. Ryan Gosling and Karl Urban have a steady and adoring fan in me and I will always be supportive in their endeavors. I really love how Karl’s work has been more to my taste. He’s not the only reason I watch what he does. He’s more like the bonus of the stuff that I watch. Ryan, on the other hand, has broadened my viewing range. I’ve watched a lot of movies because of him rather than on their own merit. Sometimes it’s paid off and other times it’s been brutal. But so it goes for a fanchick like me. ;)

Speaking of fellas, Philip Winchester has been quite LOVELY on twitter with his replies and RTs. He doesn’t say much but seriously, it’s kinda cool that he reads tweets directed at him and sometimes RTs or replies. I wonder if he’s the only one on the account or if someone administers some of it for him. Hmmm…


And even though I talk A LOT about the Strike Back boys, I still adore Ed Quinn. No, I do! It might not seem like it but I do. Truly. So of course I am still tickled when I get replies or RTs or favorites from him on Twitter. ;)


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