Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

forgetting your smiles

maybe I will run
take flight far away from here
forgetting your smiles


  • We finished Strike Back last night but I’m still watching bits of it during my lunch breaks (hence the screencaps). I’m glad we finished the season but now I’m going to miss it. I think I’m going to need to do mini-marathons to tide me over until the next season starts. ;)
  • Workwise we’re moving from Novell to Microsoft Active Directory. I’m excited to learn something new! I wish we were doing the Google thing. Oh well!
  • I bought our tickets for Jane Monheit! I’m so excited! It’ll be great seeing her live. I love her music. She’s so lovely. I should reacquaint myself with her stuff. :)
  • I had to walk home from work today. Ugh. But I did stop at Starbucks because they’re having happy hour half off frappes. I tried something new and it was DELICIOUS!!!


Bonus– name spelled correctly! :D

  • Oh, one of my Strike Back tweets from yesterday got retweeted by Cinemax. LOL
  • Karl Urban’s pilot Almost Human got a series order. Karl, on my tv weekly? YES, I’ll take it!
  • Tonight’s The Big Bang Theory was HILARIOUS! Simon Helberg was exceptional with his impressions. Seriously, this season has been a real treat. I have loved a moment out of every episode and I have laughed more often than not. We actually watched tonight’s ep in REAL TIME. We almost never do that. LOL

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Tags: poetry, strikeback, sully
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