Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

feels like spring’s promise

the way the sun shines
while the breeze blows cool and soft
feels like spring’s promise

Today we headed out to Livermore for the 22nd Annual Livermore Wine Country Festival. Twas a great day for it– slightly overcast and definitely cooler temperatures than yesterday. Whew! And I sampled some lovely wines.

Livermore Wine Country Festival
my first taste – a syrah from Thomas Coyne Winery

This syrah was DELICIOUS and the best one I had of the day. Most of the reds I had were nice with just one that I wouldn’t drink again if I remembered which one it was. LOL I also had a few pinots and those were tasty as well. :)

Livermore Wine Country Festival

If there’s lumpia, I’m eating it. ;) I also sampled the husband’s pulled pork sandwich (yum!) and had a chicken kabob that made a mess on my shirt. Oh well, it was good!

Livermore Wine Country Festival

As the morning turned to afternoon, the crowds swelled. Yowsa!

Livermore Wine Country Festival

We met up with friends and walked around a bit more before ending our time in Livermore at Harry’s. I had the prime rib and it was good.

Livermore Wine Country Festival

When we were walking back to the car, I just had to take a picture of this:
Livermore Wine Country Festival

JANE MONHEIT!!! I have loved her music for quite awhile (nearly a decade?) and who’d have thought she’d come out to LIVERMORE? Well, I didn’t. I do want to see her. We’ll see if I can, I suppose…

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