Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

that once glowed so true

do you feel the cold
suddenly biting the warmth
that once glowed so true

I write of cold only because I wish the temperatures were just a bit lower. It would have rocked while I walked home as it was quite WARM. I had to take a cold shower to cool down when I finally got home. Ye gods!

Green eyes = my weakness

nice profile

I added Aleks Paunovic to my #FF (and oops, didn’t #FF Joe Manganiello today). Aleks is a lot of fun to follow, especially when he banters with Ed Quinn and others I follow. Even better, he’ll respond to tweets and I figured my #FF might catch his eye since I did call him “hunky yummy”.

Work was kinda off today because it was Graduates of Distinction. Three district alumni were honored today. It started off with a welcoming reception at the District Office then they went to the different schools for presentations and such. We had a nice breakfast finger food spread. Yums!

LUHSD Graduates of Distinction welcome

LUHSD Graduates of Distinction welcome
the honorees

One of the honorees was Captain Nicholas M. Eslinger. Read about him here. I introduced myself to him and shook his hand. I should have gotten a picture with him but I didn’t want to be the odd duck. And damn, forgot to thank him for his service. THANK YOU, CAPT. ESLINGER. :)

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Tags: fellas, poetry, strikeback, sully
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