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25 April 2013 @ 06:32 pm
will you fade away  

will you fade away
ignored and then forgotten
with not a whisper

I’ve started amusing myself by writing an essay about being a fangirl and the lessons I’ve learned over the years. It’s funny the things that stir you and inspire. For some, being a fan of someone is a totally alien concept. Perhaps it’s a little strange. Many fans put their object of affection on a pedestal, forgetting they are human beings. Other fans imagine they know the object of affection from just pieces gleaned with deliberation (ie good PR). Still others are fans as a kind of hobby, a way to conjure inspiration for other endeavors…

Speaking of being a fangirl, two shots from Strike Back because I’m apparently addicted to some degree to the show and its leads…

I seriously love the green eyes…

and this one is yummy too…

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