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Saffy and Holli after their grooming

Saffy is soooo happy to be back home!

Holli is also happy to be home

Holli looking so inquisitive

Saffy quite annoyed with the whole ordeal

And Meggie might be happy they're back home...

MJazz is back up, hence the photos. ;) I should update there. Alas, I am so neglectful of my blog. I'm too involved with this LJ, eh?

I should go and clean soon. I'm not really looking forward to that.

I had a dream that I went to work to check out my office and it was almost finished. Why am I dreaming about work?! I don't want to dream about work. Ugh.

Oh, and for more doggie pics, go here.
Tags: doggies, dreams, photos
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