Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

I don’t care if you know

I don’t care if you know
the reasons behind my laughter
the flush of warmth on my cheeks
whenever you smile my way
I don’t care if you know
your whispers haunt my dreams
your touch a comfort
whenever you take my hand
I don’t care if you know
my heart belongs to you
my forever belongs to you
you’re the only one for me

Today was a very warm day out this way. The wind died down but was still quite breezy in the early evening. I think my allergies are starting to kick up. My eyes are constantly watery. Alas.

My story is still sticking to me. And still the characters have no names. And I’m considering throwing in some kind of tragedy but not sure if it’ll work with the tone of the story. I’m trying the female’s POV right now and it’s not as much fun as the fella’s POV. Why is that?

Originally published at Kiari's Corner. You can comment here or there.

Tags: poetry
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