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09 April 2013 @ 08:01 pm
prowl, prey, pounce  

you prowl
surveying the layout
you prey
stealthy and distant
you pounce
charming and dangerous
mutual and willing
a moment just to pass
fulfilling and magnificent
yet empty at the last

I’m still writing that little piece (currently called “Unsettled”) and I used the three “P” words to describe the fella’s play when it came to the ladies. I thought it apt. ;) And seriously, the man in the story (still doesn’t have a name!) is starting to look like Sullivan Stapleton. I should just give in and call him Sully. No, I won’t. Well maybe…

confession then a tidbit

The livetweet last night was fun! It was great reading all the behind the scenes stuff from the writer and Ed was a hoot. I got a couple of replies, which was nice. :) Still feeling a little love, so yah! Freakin’ easy, I know. ;)

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