Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

if you wanted love

give away your heart
it was never yours to keep
if you wanted love

looking out the window...
Holli is a busybody…

My throwback Thursday picture is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE pictures with me in it. :D I posted it (again) today because one of my friends found Dean O’Gorman on twitter and I wanted to see if he’d notice (he’s tagged in my tweet of the picture). So far, nothing. But since I posted it to Facebook as well, I got some fun feedback, including one from someone who thought I knew Ryan Gosling. I was flattered because she thought he and I might have gone to school together or something. Seriously, BLESS HER HEART. (You know, Ryan is much younger than me, so…)

Throwback Thursday pic
Dean O’Gorman, me, Ryan Gosling, Joel Tobeck

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Tags: fellas, poetry
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