Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

something wild in the air

something wild in the air
lifting winter’s veil
something warm in the sun
lighting through the clouds
something fresh in the rain
calling forth the blossoms
something new with each breath
sparking such possibilities
something waiting just ahead
promising beautiful dreams

back paws

My Bath and Body Works order was delivered today. YAH! I had to order Dark Kiss online because it’s not sold in the stores anymore. I hate when I end up liking a discontinued fragrance. Alas!

Watched some rugby this morning. My Crusaders scored three tries and still managed to lose. WTH?! The Bulls play the Blues tonight. Hopefully they fare better than the Crusaders. I need to figure out my Aussie Super Rugby team. It’s more fun to have a team to cheer. LOL

she likes the sunshine

NKOTB’s latest video debuted this week. I don’t like the song very much– “Remix (I Like The)”– but the video was fun to watch and the guys look good in their suits.

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Tags: poetry
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