Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

every other moment

every other moment
desire lingers
quiet and steady
in stealth mode
nestled and waiting
never fading away

I will see this movie

We went to the movies right after work. Good for us! :D We saw A Good Day to Die Hard. Not the best out of the Die Hard movies but I had such a good time watching Jai Courtney (he plays Jack) that I didn’t mind the blah plot. Oh, and the action sequences were crazy kick ass! But yeah, Jai Courtney is kinda freakin’ HOT. It’s funny because I first saw him in Spartacus and I did not like his groovy, blond curls though I liked his character well enough. Anyhoo, hot man. Young, but hot.


I stopped into Bath and Body Works after the movie to replenish my lotion stash. They didn’t have my new favorite fragrance, Dark Kiss. SO BUMMED! Looks like I can buy it online. Maybe I should do that. ;)

ETA: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to George Eads, Jack Davenport, and Jensen Ackles!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day!

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Tags: movies, poetry
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