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the silent wall stands tall

Am I forgotten
a mere memory so distant?
Have I slipped away
from your mind
into a secret place
you dare not enter?
I was always here
for you to see
I was always here
for you to reach
But now
your eyes gaze past
without a flicker
without a light
The silent wall
stands tall between us
holding fast
with all its might
And so I am forgotten
to go along my own way
not knowing the reasons
you have nothing to say...

Hot dogs on Sunday...

My poor doggies, eh? They were so hot on Sunday! But so cute. :D

I tried to make a grooming appointment for my dogs and the first place I called didn't have any available appointments until SEPTEMBER. Ummm, I guess they don't want new customers, eh? Craziness!

It's been HOT here. Of course, I've been inside with the a/c on. Gotta love the a/c. And oh how I love it.

Aaaack, Huston Street just walked the first batter in the bottom of the 9th. No outs. Damnit Street!!!

Oh, I'm trying out Vox. I'm sure I could have used "walelia" but I had to try "kiari" first. And I got it! Like I need another blogging place, eh? And none of my friends are on it yet, if anyone is going to even try it. Alas. But it seems pretty cool. I like how it easy it is to post from my Sidekick, whether it's pictures or just a blog post.

Two outs, the runner on 3rd. Mora is up. Come on Steet!!! SWEETNESS!!! Game off! 5-4, A's over the Orioles! :D Gosh, I love baseball. Especially when the A's win. Woohoo!

My sister comes to visit this weekend. I'm excited! It will be so good to see her. :) We're having a spa day with our cousins. Most cool. Should be lots of fun!

The husband bought the DVD sets for Jack of All Trades and The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Yeehaw!!! Bruce Campbell rocks. Can't wait to start watching those DVDs. Someday. ;)

ETA: I love my new banner!!!  Thank you, wahlee!!!  Oh dearest Mark Mulder, when are you coming back?
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