Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

will you smile and take my hand

if I say the words
will you smile and take my hand
beginning as friends

the disco ball

We went to the crab feed in Livermore this evening. SO GOOD!!! It’s nice starting my weekend on Friday night. :)

I got my Twitter archive yesterday and out of curiosity I did a search on Ed Quinn’s twitter handle to see how many times I’ve mentioned him. OH MY GOODNESS. The number is HIGH. And of course I had to mention it. Just because. Today I saw that he had replied to a couple of people and I was a little miffed because I hadn’t seen anything from him to me. (Go on, slap me.) But I needn’t have worried.


It felt like the sweetest thing ever! I grinned when I saw it then felt touched by the thoughtfulness. :)

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Tags: eq, poetry
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