Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

awesome crazy dream

Love the crazy dreams!

I went into a movie theatre auditorium and sat down. There were other people there and it was a small theatre and for some reason no one was sitting the middle. The lights went down then the seats started to move because I was actually sitting in an amusement park ride! There was a drop and I screamed but no one else did, then the ride swung to the right. We were all now standing, watching a show and who’s part of it? Why Chris Conrad! I told my companion (one of my friends) that I wanted to stay behind and take a picture with Chris because how cool would that be? The show ended and I found Chris and when he saw me, he called me by my sister’s name! WTH?!

Chris and I still had a nice conversation and he admitted that he and my sister had hooked up sometime in the past, which was why he called me by her name even though we look nothing alike. LOL! Anyway, I think I got my picture with Chris and then I saw Victoria Pratt and decided to chat with her.

For some reason, in my dream Vicky was married to James Gunn but their marriage was “destroyed” as she said. And then I said something about him having a girlfriend and she looked totally shocked. I told her that everyone knew because he posted pics on Instagram, etc. She spilled her guts out to me, telling me that they weren’t going to announce their separation until after his movie was completed, and I thought to myself, “Hey, her name ends in ‘a’ just like all of James’ other girlfriends.”

So freakin’ weird!

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Tags: dreams, etc
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