Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

more than a glimpse of heaven

this will never be
more than a glimpse of heaven
broken into dreams

Sometimes don’t you just want to kick someone where it hurts? And sometimes, are you so steamed about nothing in particular and need something to chase away the darkness if even for a moment? I get that way sometimes. I’m not all sunshine and laughter even if I do seem that way here. Or do I seem that way? Or am I just dull because I don’t say anything at all and just skim over life’s down and dirty business?

Paula posted this the other day and now we want it on t-shirts…

Oh, I think I feel like venting! Here we go…

You know what amuses me and irritates me at the same time? People who post scripture or other religious things and then post hater crap in the next. This happens a lot at Facebook, especially in relation to sports. I’m sorry, you write about God and being a good Christian then post negative, hater stuff (all the while saying you’re NOT a hater?) in the next? Do you not see your hypocrisy? Or are you utterly blind to it? Maybe next time you post about God and the goodness of being a Christian, you should actually PAY ATTENTION to the words and your own actions. I’m pretty sure Jesus would smack you for the negativity you spread. You know, if he was given to violence. Live the words, don’t just give them lip service.

You know what makes me happy? Silly things like a reply from my favorite fella on Twitter. I know, I’m so easy but I bet it makes you laugh and shake your head to think of my goofiness. ;)


Thank you Ed Quinn for the bit of sunshine in my Monday. You’re tops!

How was your Monday?

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Tags: eq, poetry
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