Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

pushing the despair away

you know what to do
pushing the despair away
keeps panic at bay

Blood Out
Ed Quinn and Luke Goss in Blood Out

My friend talked about watching Blood Out this weekend. I almost want to watch it just to see a certain favorite someone strut his stuff. ;) He looks good in that movie.

It’s been over a week since I’ve had to walk to work. The walking wasn’t so bad. It was the no cafe mocha coupled with no tea that got to me. I never stop for Starbucks when I walk because I don’t want to have to hold my drink while I’m walking. I usually have tea on those non-Starbucks days but when I got to work, I discovered that I had no tea. OH NO! So what to do? Well, I waited until someone made coffee and I poured myself some.

Created with Wood Camera

Coffee just has too much buzz for me because I was super hopped up as it made its way through my system. I really shouldn’t drink coffee too often. At least not regular coffee. LOL I’ll blame the caffeine for my morning’s twitter moment. ;)


I love how Ed is a smartass to his friends. He’s always teasing someone. I think it’s cute but I totally believe that he can be a dick to his friends. (Oy, his words, not mine!) I bet they still love him and all of that. LOL Oh, and I love getting replies. I take my sunshine where I can get it. ;)

I asked about band practice because it’s my fondest wish (and Paula’s) to watch Ed and his cohorts perform live in May in what we will call our Birthday Concert. I beseech the powers that be, the angels in heaven, the mystery of destiny to grant us this wish. Please? :)

I’ll end this entry with one of my absolute favorite fellas, William Gregory Lee. Seeing this video just made me miss him to BITS! And then I felt bad for being such a neglectful fanchick. Then I missed him again… Some sound advice about doing what you love…

Still love ya, Greg! Check your email, darn it!

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