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turn the mirror

what do you hope to find here?
secrets with a touch of shame
regret for transgressions
a key to your own chaos?
I am nothing to you
we will never meet
yet you still haunt these realms
leaving marks faint but discernible
playing stealthy with heavy feet
you stew a pungent stench
breath it in like fragrant flowers
take hold of your own
pass judgement upon that
turn the mirror on yourself
and howl at the face of sorrow
what do you hope to find here?
the answers are not with me
I cannot help you
you will find nothing here

Sometimes my poems mean nothing in my life and mean everything in someone else's. Sometimes I hear a story and it triggers something in me. And sometimes the point of view belongs to someone else. It's up to the reader to decide what perspective to take.

I didn't stay up to watch rugby last night. The All Blacks weren't playing, so I knew I wouldn't be as involved. I wonder who won. Oh, I guess I can check... Ye gods, Wallabies 40, Springboks 0. Yeah, that wouldn't have been fun to watch. I like lots of tries! On both sides! LOL!
Tags: babble, poetry, rugby
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