Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

have I caught your eye

have I caught your eye
planted a little wonder
somewhere in your heart

Ed Quinn in Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

After reading my friend’s review of Werewolf: The Beast Among Us, I feel like I should watch it again. Hmmm, maybe this weekend while I’m doing some laundry. ;) It’ll be a nice way to get my EQ fix.

tom hardy
Tom Hardy in Warrior

We did watch Warrior again this weekend. And damnit if I didn’t cry again! It is such a great movie. I cannot say it enough. YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE. I always think I’ll keep my tears in check but they just fall on their own during that last fight. And sometimes I just start crying because I know what’s coming. It’s so silly but it’s such a great movie and I just always let go for it. WATCH WARRIOR. Watch it!

A year ago today I admitted that I had a thing for Tom Hardy. It was because of that damn movie. LOL

Random thought of the moment… I think one day I should thank Colin Ferguson for pointing out that Ed Quinn is on Twitter. If it were not for him, I would have not had these lovely moments of fangirl squeeing over Ed. And heaven knows how I love to squee. (What a weird word! I don’t think I should use it again.) But seriously, the moments have been bits of sunshine and I appreciate it. Now to say all of that in 140 characters or less. ;)

Random thought #2 of the moment… Part of me wouldn’t mind seeing New Kids on the Block when they come around but only because they have 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men opening for them. Those boys have sexy music! But I’d rather see Ed Quinn perform live in May and we’ll call it the birthday concert for me and Paula. He said it could happen. Someone make it happen! (And bonus if it could happen here in the Bay Area?)

Quickies! Of the TV kind… The Following was dark and intriguing and I might be hooked. OH NO!… Banshee is pretty awesome! Antony Starr is killin’ it. The characters are so complicated and dark but not irredeemable… Outrageous Fortune is a great watch. I want to get to series 5 so badly to see Charles Mesure again. LOL… Caught a couple of episodes of Chicago Fire. It feels like other shows I’ve watched before but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

Random thought #3 of the moment… I should work on my next Listworthy fella. Who should it be? Do I do one more before my current number one or just jump right to him? I wonder if he’ll read it when I post it. The thought intrigues me as much as it freaks me out…

Bonus points for you if you can figure out the common thread to the random thoughts… (It’s not that difficult…)

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