Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

the roar of the crowd

the roar of the crowd
lifting spirits with such cheer
with one goal in mind


The San Francisco 49ers are headed to the SUPER BOWL. WTH?! I’m pretty much in shock. Not because I didn’t think they could get there but because I never really think about football too much except as a nice Sunday diversion. But holy heck, the Niners are headed to the Super Bowl! YOWSA! I know I don’t talk football much (I’m pretty much a basebally/rugby gal these days) but I do enjoy the game and it’s much better when your team is winning. ;) I’ve been a Niners fan since I was a little girl. Hell, I’ve been a football fan longer than any other sport! LOL

Let's go Niners!
game faces

We headed out to our local Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game, staking out our place at the bar. It was fun watching the bartenders do their magic. Our gal Tina was AWESOME and Hunter was a machine with the drinks. :) The place was packed with exuberant football fans, mostly cheering the Niners (because really, Atlanta Falcons fans out our way?). Twas great fun!

Let's go Niners!
Let's go Niners!

And couldn’t resist a videoing the action a bit:

It was really great being in a crowded bar full of happy football fans. LOL And I think this was the first time I had beer before noon. ;)

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