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falling so sweet

the first time
the words slip past
the world spins
in utter delight
from these lips
falling so sweet
the soul shines
the heart flips
no day nor night
before this moment
the feelings hidden
so deep inside
and now so free
filled with sweet wonder
let the future ride in
to whatever will be

"Why is the rum always gone?"

Okay, without spoilers, I LOVED POTC: Dead Man's Chest. I personally didn't mind the length of it (that sounds funny to say). I liked getting lost in the world before me. And I LOVED seeing Jack Davenport (Norrington). I've never seen him scruffy and he dirties up quite nicely. Scruff is always fun. ;) And is it bad (slight spoiler here) that I liked when a certain person got his lashing? Terrible me. LOL! :D

I love going to the movies. We sat in the top row. No one could kick our chair and we had plenty of room in front of us. And I couldn't remember if I had seen a movie since my new eyes. LOL! But anyhoo, it was a good time to see the movie. Mid day show and still matinee. Although matinee does cost as much as a regular movie did back when I worked in a movie theater. :P
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