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Patrick Fabian doing the con!

I'm excited and I think it's because at this very moment, men are outnumbering the men on the Xena guest list.  Okay, so it's only a total number of 3 guests, but still!  LOL!

Patrick Fabian will be at the Xena convention in January!  I'm excited because 1) I might actually be there and 2) I've never met Patrick and I might actually get to meet him.  And you all know how much I love meeting the fellas.  ;)  Anyhoo, let us hope he stays on the list and that I get to go.  Yah!  Patrick played Rafe in the episode Xena episode "King Con" and has appeared on various shows in recent days.  He's also done commercials and the most recent one I can remember seeing is the Hyundai one.
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