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from the front desk

Well, I haven't tried this in a long time, so here we go. Posting
from email! :D

Photo Hosted at
just below the monitor

So, I'm here at the hubby's work, sitting at the front desk. Fun stuff! :P

The A's won yesterday! Extra innings. Yeehaw! And the Cardinals did
the same, win in extra innings. ;) They did theirs off of Pujols'
30th homerun of the season. Let's go Cards! I was quite happy with
the A's win. The Boston fans were so loud and it must have been so
disappointing to them to have to go home defeated. Alas for them. :P
But woohoo for the A's!

So, we're not going to Comic Con next weekend. Oh well, it was fun to
think about it. LOL! I guess I'll just have to hope for the Xena
convention in January. I want to go! I want to meet those I have not
yet met in person. Aaaaack! ;)

I hope this post turns out all right.

I woke up early today. Fun. The dogs were probably utterly confused.
Poor babies. LOL!

I'm sure I could think of more to say but I want to see if this
actually turns out. Until next time!
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