Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

I know that it’s you

I know that it’s you
hiding in the dark shadows
of my restless dreams

The girls napping together
they didn’t care for what was on tv

Thank goodness for Netflix and Amazon Prime! :) I tell you, it’s the best way to catch up on tv and such.

Sherlock – This is a freakin’ STELLAR show. Benedict Cumberbatch is BRILLIANT as Sherlock Holmes. And holy heck, what an AWESOME voice. I think I’m totally in love with his voice. Anyhoo, the show is GREAT. What the heck have I been missing? Utter brilliance! So yes, I would absolutely recommend it. Every ep is like a mini-movie that goes with the whole.

Other laziness… Hmmm… Oh, I haven’t done very much on my days off from work! I started reading but don’t feel enthused enough to keep going. I’ve started a couple of stories but I’m utterly uninspired! I want to do a total re-write of my NaNoWriMo novel. We’ll see how that goes!

Yesterday I had my iTunes on random for a heavy Ed Quinn playlist (ie all of his songs are part of this 22 song playlist). For at least eight songs, iTunes wouldn’t play him! WTH?! My iTunes was conspiring against me. Today it’s being kinder. :) Gotta get my EQ fix!

I would love to win the lottery now. Please?

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Tags: poetry, tv
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