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I'm playing around online before I have to pick up doggie doo and I found some cool new things...

Scrapbook Flair - I had ambitions of doing scrapbooks long ago, but I never did finish that ONE page. LOL! And now with computers and digital media, you can do so much in less time. Maybe. LOL! Anyhoo, I haven't started playing with this one yet, but it's free and it looks like a lot of fun.

Shrink Pic - Okay, this is GREAT for all those people who send HUGE photos via email. No worries about shrinking the photo, this program will do it for you! You set the parameters and send away! From the website:
Shrink Pic runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP and works with these programs:

* Outlook
* Outlook express
* Thunderbird
* Internet Explorer (versions 6 and 7)*
* Firefox
* Skype
* MSN Messenger

* Shrink Pic will also compress photos that you send via Web based email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.
In spite of all of that, I still think it's a great program. Now I don't have to shrink my photos if I just want to send them off quickly! :)

Opera - This is a neat browser. It has the tabbed browsing (which I love!) and it's pretty easy to use. My only gripes so far are that I can't login at Myspace (which might not be a bad thing) and Gmail chat doesn't work. Otherwise, it seems fast! I haven't tried it for my Mac yet. ;)

Now it's time for me to go outside. Ewww!
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