Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

this is all for you

this is all for you
my heart and my dreams in hand
I share just with you


Bullets about my weekend!

  • Saturday – Lots of writing. Go me!
  • Sunday – We hung out with my cousins in Pleasant Hill. The little ones are getting so big! It was great just being with all of them and chatting and relaxing. :) I was able to personally say Happy Veteran’s Day to my cousin, who served in the military back in the day.
  • Today – We hit the new outlets mall in Livermore. SO MANY PEOPLE. I bought some hipsters at the Jockey store. We looked in at a lot of the stores but it was seriously madness. I didn’t even venture into the Coach store because there was a line to get in. Ye gods!… After Livermore we headed home and did a bit more shopping. I bought stuff at Bath and Body Works (yah!) and boots at DSW. The boots were 40% off. Yah!

Now I must write more for my novel. :D

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Tags: etc, poetry
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