Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

Halloween and all that jazz

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in AGES. A few days ago I got the bright idea to wear my old Sheriff’s Technician uniform.

SRJ 2004
back in the day

When it was my actual uniform, I looked like the above pic. Fancy, eh? I found my uniform top and it still fit. Thank goodness! I decided to skip the freakin’ polyester pants because no one wants to see me in those. And I certainly didn’t want to wear them! I wore my jeans instead and looked like this today:


Not bad, I suppose. I’m sure I was breaking some rules or something but I don’t care. Besides, it’s an Alameda county uniform and I live in Contra Costa county. ;) Anyhoo, I got compliments and a few looks of disbelief when I said it was my uniform. And I did explain that I was not a cop, ever. LOL I thought it was funny that some people didn’t believe I worked in a jail. It does seem like a lifetime ago.

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