Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

despair claws at me

despair claws at me
tearing delicate fissures
heading for my heart

Do you ever feel unanchored, lost in a limbo, while something akin to despair threatens to drag you down yet you don’t know why? It’s the not knowing why that really kills me. Is it the things I push aside or the things I acknowledge that bother me? Why must there be no reason for the feeling? It’s something or everything or maybe just even nothing.

Maybe it doesn’t even belong to me. Maybe I’ve absorbed it from someone else. Maybe someone else’s unnamed despair has taken hold of me. Wouldn’t that be a trip?

I had a dream that definitely involved Joe Manganiello but for the freakin’ life of me I cannot remember details of it. It could have been yummier than it was, I know that much. Darn it.

I hope I remember to post this when I get home. ;)

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Tags: poetry
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