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for a bit of light

is it this easy
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for a bit of light

Time to watch Werewolf the Beast Among Us. @officialedquinn

So we FINALLY watched Werewolf: The Beast Among Us! Decent flick (I have absolutely seen worse by my other fellas), nicely produced. Will I watch it again? Well yes, mostly because of Mr. Ed Quinn. ;)

Speaking of EQ…

day297: i asked for it

Earlier in the day, I was feeling cheeky and posted to twitter. Later in the day, he obliged my request for a little love with a reply. I guess I’ll take it. LOL Look, I’m just happy he replied. Oh, and while we were watching his movie! :D

And oh, I forgot to mention that on Monday he replied to a question of mine! I asked him if he was a Giants fan (and I told him I’m an A’s/Cards fan) and he replied that his #1 are the A’s and his #2 are the Giants. NEAT! :D I mostly liked that he said the A’s were his #1. LOL I’m easy, eh?

On the TV front, a few new shows we’ve watched are getting full seasons, including Arrow, Elementary, Revolution (I think?), Vegas. So many shows already! I don’t know why but Arrow has really hooked me! Maybe because the main fella is freakin’ hot with the bow and arrow? Yeah, that’s it. ;)

The World Series starts tonight. I’m probably not going to sit down and watch it though I do wish Barry Zito well. I just wonder how he’ll do against Justin Verlander. Should be an interesting match-up. :)

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