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20 October 2012 @ 12:00 pm
dare you to confess  

dare you to confess
what I can already see
shining in your eyes

I read this totally hot story about a gal on a road trip who runs into a man with hazel eyes, an Impala, a brown leather jacket, and worn jeans. Made me think of freakin’ Jensen Ackles in Dean Winchester gear. LOL! I wonder if the writer was thinking of him when she wrote him because I was certainly thinking of him when I was reading it. ;)

The Cardinals lost last night. Zito had an awesome game, damn him! But you know, I still have a soft spot for that guy. He just needs a hair cut.

Oh, and speaking of Zito, I was just looking through an old box and found some clippings of him. There was one of him with Dale Jr (gotta take a shot of that for my friend), another a Q & A where he says that he thinks Katie Holmes is “hot as hell.” His words, I promise you. And then there’s the autograph I have of him and Mark Mulder. I still haven’t framed that thing. I should frame and then send Mulder a screenshot and see if he comments. LOL! Memories galore in that one box and it’s not even really that special…

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