Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

tearing at my heart

maybe I don’t want
to stop this storming chaos
tearing at my heart

Sometimes I think I don’t give myself enough time to think of worthwhile things to say here. I just whip up a poem and say a few words and then post. No internal insights, no external musings.

I could probably re-tell stories of my work day but when the work day is over, I don’t want to think of it. And really, most of the stories aren’t worth telling. :P

I most heartily wish that was already November so that I can just dig into this story whirling through my head. It’s coming to me in pieces and I just need to put it all together and write it. Soon, so very soon! :)

Originally published at Kiari's Corner. You can comment here or there.

Tags: poetry
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