Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

where the angels laugh and fly

does the music play
where the angels laugh and fly
higher than heaven

Thanksgiving 2004
Thanksgiving 2004

It’s been a year since Gary died. Sometimes I think he’s still around somewhere, cracking a wise ass joke or puttering around his house. But he’s not. We can’t even visit him because his ashes have yet to be laid to rest. Alas.

I wrote other words yesterday in preparation but why dwell on things that will not change? So I’ll just say that I miss him and the place he had in our family. He had a good heart and even with the smart ass attitude he was well liked. I’m glad we saw him that last day and I’m sorry that he had to suffer so unnecessarily those weeks after his last fall.

I hope his spirit rejoices in the goodness that was his life. I hope he remembers the good times…

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Tags: family, poetry
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