Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

the longing simmers

the longing simmers
sweet hot anticipation
waiting for release

it was HOT yesterday

I seriously cannot wait until the temperatures dip, even if just a little. Please!

Omigosh, the A’s are going to the postseason. How exciting is that?! I’m excited for them so very much. One more game today. I hope they win. :D

Sometimes I think I follow the careers of slightly obscure actors. It helps when I’ve actually met them, which apparently is all I need to become a fan. Geez.


I like how he calls me “Val.” :) We met a long time ago and he found me on Facebook a few years ago and now I just follow wherever he might be. LOL

Oh, and I asked a question and got a reply from someone else.


Is it goofy that I screencap these tweets? I guess I just want to remember that I was a fleeting thought. ;)

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Tags: poetry
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