Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

but at least you’ll say my name

maybe you’ll say no
but at least you’ll say my name
even if just once

lunch in Monterey

We went to Monterey on Saturday. The husband had the day off from work and wanted to do something outside our routine. We haven’t been down to Monterey Bay in awhile, so off we went! :)


The weather was PERFECT! To me, perfect is somewhere in the 60s, sunny but cool enough for a sweatshirt or sweater and warm enough for shorts. And so it was today. We had lunch at Sandbar and Grill. It was good! The crab cakes were so delicious! I had the sand dabs and there were yummy. I like seafood no matter what but it’s even better when it’s actually good. :) I would definitely go back there…


After lunch we walked down to Cannery Row. It was a great walk and actually rather relaxing. We thought about the Aquarium but yowsa on the prices! We skipped it and just walked around the area.


It was a most lovely way to spend the afternoon. I really wish I lived in such a lovely place…

This was my first full day with the iPhone 5! I must say, I do like it very much. Most of the day I went without a case and I was fine with it. But on the way home we stopped at a Best Buy and I got a case to ease the husband’s mind. He’s afraid I’m going to drop and damage the phone. Where’s the trust? :P LOL

I am working on my review. I should probably keep notes of my impressions. ;)

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Tags: poetry
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