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shots from yesterday's game...

Bobby, Melhuse, Ellis and Kielty and Payton, Buckley

So, my camera takes lovely shots. I just need to not do the digital zoom so much. I got carried away, which is why I didn't really put a lot of those pictures up in my gallery from yesterday's game.

being in a suite so totally rocks...

We got to the game in time to get the player magnet set. Yeehaw! :D I'm not sure why I didn't take pictures of them. LOL! It was WARM in Oakland, warm enough for shorts, but I had opted for capri length jeans. Bah! It was warm in our suite, so we had the door open for awhile. This game was cousins night. :)

my cousins and our fellas

The game was a bit disappointing. The A's didn't even score until the 8th inning! They managed four runs that inning, but it wasn't enough and they lost 6-4 against the Angels. Bah.

the field reflected

Huston Street

Here's a little comparison of shots. The first one shows how far away we are from the field. We're over the second deck (under the 3rd deck). That's the A's bullpen down there.

someone is warming up...

This next shot shows how close I can get with the new camera. I think this one might have been almost to the digital zoom, but not quite.

it's Gaudin warming up!

Not too bad, eh? ;) For more photos from yesterday's game, go to A's vs. Angels, 08 July 2006
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