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rugby rocks

Darn it, the Wallabies just scored. But right now it's All Blacks 24, Wallabies 12. Go All Blacks!!!

Did someone just say "tiny" Woodcock? That's just not right.

Just before the test started and after the Haka, the camera focused on different All Blacks and stopped on a player kneeling down as he was finishing up doing something. He had just gone pee! I hope. Whatever he was doing, we saw his man part. LOL!

I took a nap before the test. I had the Dachshund and the Yorkie on the couch with me. It was cute. I love my doggies! :D

All Blacks 27, Wallabies 12

In baseball, my A's lost. Bah. Lackey shut us out. Does anyone else think he looks like Haywire from Prison Break? (I need to put a picture up of the two of them.) Everytime I see Lackey, I think "Haywire!" LOL!

I think the All Blacks are going to win. They better win with me staying up to watch them! ;)
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