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in this moment

in this moment
everything is right
perfect in every way
one breath
could encompass eternity
in this moment
the world has paused
and we laugh together
one smile
could mean forever
but beyond this moment
our paths diverge
our futures tell tales
without each other
but for this moment
we share our time
together for now
then in memories later...

We didn't watch Pirates today. We should have gotten up earlier, but alas, we're lazy. LOL! So no Pirates for me. Maybe Sunday night. Or I could go alone on Monday. Yah! ;)

I'm excited for tomorrow's game! I can't wait to use my camera at the ballpark. :D

I'm recording Psych tonight. Everyone should watch it. Tim Omundson is in it! (He was on Xena as Eli.) ;)

I might stay up for rugby. New Zealand against Australia in the opener of the Tri Nations. Must watch!!!
Tags: poetry
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