Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

hot weather, comic con, romance novels

the shy little smile
belying the naughty glint
shining in those eyes


YIKES on the weather.

I stayed home from work today. My back was bothering me a little yesterday and I woke up today with it not feeling better at all. I took a muscle relaxer and took a nap. It’s still a little stiff. Alas!

I’m thinking of temporarily turning off my SMS tweets. I’m torn between wildly jealous of the con-goers and crazy hungry for news regarding Comic Con. I don’t think I’d ever want to go (soooo many people!) but I sometimes just want to go and see my favorite people. I think the True Blood folks will be there. Ye gods! And then it makes me think that I just need to make plans to go to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend for DragonCon and check out that con. At least I’d have a place to stay. Shoot, maybe we should just move to Georgia! (Not just for DragonCon but for other considerations.)

I bought a romance novel the other day and read it that night. I can’t believe that I bought an actual book and then read it in practically one sitting. It was a quickie (lol) but it reminded me that I still love turning the pages of actual paper. And I LOVE romance novels with the same tried and true plots. I just wonder, even as I enjoyed the novel, why the hero must always be a billionaire and the heroine such a goody goody? And why do I always pick stories with the Greek billionaire? The curious thing about this particular novel was that the heroine was actually American! They’re usually British. :P It’s like chocolate for the brains but still so enjoyable. Why can’t I write stuff like that?!

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Tags: etc, poetry
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