Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

finally the end of the week

Three poems to make up for the days I did not post. :)

are you heartbroken
alone with tears and regret
for the things you did

I will close my eyes
imagine a place beyond
where there is comfort

where do you begin
when the ending is bitter
but the journey sweet

Wednesday to now… Fourth of July was fun! Alas, R had to work but afterwards we headed to the cousin’s house in Pleasant Hill for dinner and fireworks! It’s always super groovy spending time with the cousins and their girls. :)

4th of July
me & the godddaughter

Yesterday we had a lazy day. Yes, we took the day off from work. Good times, good times.

And then today was a half day at work. Yah!

End of the frapp

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Tags: etc, poetry
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