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soft like a sigh

oh the days stretch
with sunshine bright
with barely a breeze
slipping into the night
oh the darkness so short
with the moon so high
with the air so cool
passing soft like a sigh

We're planning on seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest tomorrow. I'm excited! I LOVED the first film and I don't see how I won't love the sequels. I'm in the mood for it. Truly. And I do want to see Superman too, but I guess I can wait. :D

I unpacked three boxes today. Ye gods! Now I feel slightly cluttered because I had to find places for all kinds of things. I have too many knickknacks! What to do with all of them. :P

Kendall, Harden, Bobby, Chavez

And yeehaw, the A's won today! Monster shot by Mr. Frank Thomas in the bottom of the 9th. Super sweet! :D
Tags: babble, baseball, poetry
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