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last night's moonlight

last night's moonlight...

a dream slipped to memory
rustling in the darkness
hiding in the shadows
the aching sensation
hinting on the outside
lingering on the inside
one day it will end
fading into oblivion
falling into nothing
with last night's moonlight

So, at the risk of sounding like a total gadget freak, we're back on the Nextel network. The hubby missed the whole "chirp chirp" thing, so here we are again. Glorious. LOL!

Photo Hosted at
My new phone, the i870

We're using it for the basics: direct connect and phone calling. It will be the phone I always have on me, I suppose. What craziness. LOL!

Oh, and no, we didn't get rid of anything. Let's say it together-- SPOILED!!!

Yikes, I got a call from work today! The office manager wanted to know where the forms for transcripts were hiding. I actually remembered. LOL! Crazy, eh? I guess some of the kids are calling because their colleges haven't received their transcripts. Well gee, I wonder how many transcripts the colleges are receiving at this moment. Hmmmm.

I love my new camera. Have I said that yet today? Well now I have! LOL! :D
Tags: poetry, tech freak chick
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