Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

as you take my hand

maybe I’m broken
forgetting all the despair
as you take my hand


Well, my test posts seemed to post okay, so here we go! I am writing from my domain’s wordpress. I think I’m going to like this because when I post a video here at my domain, it carries over to my LJ. Nice! The only thing that’s strange is that the font looks smaller on my LJ than before. Ah well, small price to pay?

Tomorrow is a half day at work! Even though it means I have to walk home, I’m still cool with it. ;) How can anyone complain about a half day Friday?

Is it weird and stupid that I’m happy Joe Manganiello is NOT dating Demi Moore? I know, so irrational but I was happy (like smile on my face happy) when I read he implicitly said that they were not dating. I’m such a fangirl, I know.


I personally think that the above car has been parked too long in its current place. If a spider can build a web and a tree’s stuff can stick to the web, then the vehicle has been too long parked, don’t you think?

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Tags: etc, poetry
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