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Happy 4th of July!

To my fellow Americans (that sounds funny) - have a fun-filled 4th. Be safe and enjoy!

Holli and Saffy sleeping together, Holli, Saffy, Meggie...

from yesterday's game: Kendall, Scutaro, Bobby, Kotsay

It was a good game yesterday, especially since the A's WON. Woohoo! The game was being televised on the American Forces Network, so the military folks in Baghdad, Iraq were watching along with the rest of us. There were few commercial breaks as they featured different soldiers and their stories or showed the families talking with their loved ones via satellite. It was really great to watch. Plus everyone was in A's gear! And then the A's won! :D After the game and while they set up the fireworks, they showed more of the soldiers and also talked with Barry Zito. It's nice to see him so supportive of the troops and being involved. And lastly, the fireworks were shown. Too bad the feed wasn't in HD for us. Darn it!

and another from yesterday's game: Bobby, Kendall, Swisher, Ellis, Bobby

I love my A's. :)

toys and things: Ares, Eomer, Xena, candles...

As you can see, I will take pictures of ANYTHING. Like my toys? I have more somewhere in the boxes still packed. LOL!
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